Frequently Asked Questions

We have tested SPINSHOT360 on the following models:
LG Nexus 5X
Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017)
Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro
Samsung J7 Prime*
Huawei GR5 (also known as Honor 6X in some markets)*

*Only works in 2.4Ghz WIFI network.

The LG Nexus 5X might be old but their cameras and build are enough to work with SPINSHOT360. There are still some units in the market and they are inexpensive now. Send us a message so we can send you the updated list of phone compatibility.

No, we don’t recommend it because each phone brand/model process images differently so the resulting videos might be affected.

You can use up to 48 phones for 360º and 15 to19 phones for 180º. Using lesser number for smaller setup is still ok if the resulting video is acceptable to you. Using between 32 to 48 phones, depending on brand and model, will require two (2) WIFI routers bridged together.
SPINSHOT360 only supports the Android phones. We are the only commercially-available system using Android phones. One of the pros in the use of Android phones is taking advantage of the screen size. It is easier/faster to align and focus with bigger displays compared to DSLR screens or viewfinders.
Aligning is simple. When you get a SPINSHOT360 Software, you will get a 23x23cm focus board which should be set in the middle of the setup during installation. Then the Camera App has a built-in crosshair that is used to align with the graphic pattern on the focus board.
An area of 15 ft. x 15 ft. is enough to setup a 360º-configuration using 24 phones. The circle diameter of 12ft should cover full-body framing of a normal-height person. Smaller space is still ok if full-body coverage is not a concern.
UUsing the AC1200 with 5Ghz band is faster and more stable than the normal 2.4Ghz band. SPINSHOT360 relies on consistent connection speed. The WIFI Router should be set up as a local network that is independent from the WIFI internet connection. The PC is connected to the WIFI Router via a LAN cable while the Android phones are connected to that same network via WIFI signal. That’s how the PC and Androids communicate with each other. Then the PC is also set up to connect simultaneously to another network with internet via WIFI signal. This network allows the PC to share the resulting videos to email, online server, and social media.

We recommend using Linksys EA Series AC1200 WIFI Router as they are easy to configure and works consistently with SPINSHOT360.
The Sender app for tablets captures data of your guests. Currently, it captures name, email, and phone number. The app can also generate a report.

You cannot reskin the App itself but it can let you put branding on the preview video (on TV screen), UI preview screen, output video file, and printout using the built-in layout editors in the PC app.

No. Only portrait or vertical format. Vertical format maximizes the field-of-view of the Android phones’ camera. However, we will be adding the feature to switch formats in future updates.

Yes, if a printer is connected to the SPINSHOT360 PC, it can print on 10x15cm or 4R-size photo cards. Unique QR codes are automatically generated so that guests can access their videos online. Print layout presets are available in the layout editor in the app.

Yes, it supports auto-posting of the resulting videos to a single Facebook page wall owned by the event organizer or host. In the Sender app (the tablet registration app), the guest can decide to include their video for auto-posting. The app will only post videos of those guests who opted in. FB page owner or editor will need to log-in through their page via the PC App.

Another way is, the guest can access online copy of their video and share from there. They can share the video on their own Facebook account directly from the link. Otherwise, they can download the video or the attachment in their email and share the videos to their favorite social media platform on their own.

There are three apps needed to run the SPINSHOT360 system: The PC, Camera, and Suite apps. When you create a SPINSHOT360 online account and purchased at least one license, you’ll be able to access the support page that contains the download link of the PC app but you will not be able to run it without the hardware key called Keylok®. The Keylok® is shipped to you after completing your order. The Keylok® also include the software stored inside. The Camera app is available for download in the Playstore, while the Suite app, which contains Sender and Coundown, is available for download in both Playstore and App Store.

No. The price listed is the cost per-license of the PC App system regardless of the number of Android phones and Tablets.

The Permanent License allows you to use the app perpetually. The Permanent license is good for customers with an established experience in their market and know how to maximize their investment.

The Lease License is good for customers who are trying out new things first before making a bigger investment. With a minimal fee, the Lease License is a pay-per-use model using Single-use Keys. A Single-use Key will give you access to full live-mode of the app for 24 hours. When the Single-use Key expires, you can still use the app with full functionality in demo mode but the resulting video will have watermarks across it. To use it again for another actual event, just buy a Single-use Key online and activate it to remove the watermarks.

During startup of the PC App, you will be asked to choose between Permanent or Lease License. When you choose Lease, you will be asked you to enter the Single-use Key code that is provided for you via email and in your account page when you buy online. Activation is instant and you will be led straight to the main screen. Choosing Permanent will ask you to enter a Permanent license key and use the app perpetually and that startup window will disappear forever. If you close the window without choosing either, you will be led to the main screen in demo mode.

Yes. You must purchase the Permanent License online. After the purchase, you will be given a license key that will activate your permanent license. Activation is instant. The next time you start the PC app, the activation window disappears forever.

We understand that the cost of shipping of the hardware kit is quite prohibitive. We only have one provider (FEDEX) that is integrated in our website and uses express and economy air freight. We don’t have control over the rates they generate after shipping location is determined. The hardware kit hard case is quite heavy at 42kgs, quite large at 88x56x43cm., and it ships from Hong Kong. So, these factors have direct impact to the rate. However, the website also allows you to make your own shipping arrangement outside of the website and figure out the most cost-efficient shipping method.

Shipping of hardware and software are separate only if you choose to purchase hardware kit and the lease license. The all hardware kit and package ship from Hong Kong while the software-only orders are shipped from Manila. If you are purchasing a permanent license and a hardware kit, just choose to purchase the software-and-kit package which ships together from Hong Kong only.
No. We only provide the Software and/or Hardware Kit.
WUnlike the usual DSLR setup, SPINSHOT360 can be setup in 1-2 hours. It also comes with a Pelican case that makes it a lot easier to transport.
No. Videos produced are all in mp4 format which are usually around 1 to 2 MB per video for a 3 second loop.
We do not offer free trial as of the moment. However, we can let you test basic functionality of the software in demo mode. Shoot us an email at and we'll send you the demo version installer of SPINSHOT360.